Sunday, February 7, 2016


                             Wearing: dress- Maison Scotch, Hat- ..,Merci, Bag- Balenciaga

                                   Wearing- dress and shoes: merci, Hat: Isabel Marant

Hello guys, sorry if I don't post so much, but school is really challenging and I have so much work to do. Nevertheless, I have some pictures of Paris that I wanted to share with you guys. I extremely miss the city of love: All those little and cozy streets, with the scent of flowers that follows you everywhere you go. However, in a few weeks I'm going back, and I literally can't wait. Everytime I go there, I fall in love with that city. I've been studying french in these couple months so that I can interact with the people who live there, and understand which are the MUSTS for a parisenne.
I hope you enjoy this post, and if you have any places I should absolutely visit in Paris leave a comment below.

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