Monday, October 24, 2016



Boys, boys, boys you cannot even imagine how lucky you are. Unlike us girls, you need so little to be on point. Think about it, the right t-shirt (comme de garçone is always a must) or shirt, the right jacket, the right pants and don't forget about the shoes please, makes you simply stylish. You just need to be careful whan you go shopping to find the right tonalities; therefore, if you are scared to dare, go for the basic colors that fit with everything. Otherwise, let a girl decide for you (us girls are always geniuses in finding the perfect color)

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Nothing is more sexy than a men with elegance. Unfortunately nowadays few of you guys have it, to be completely honest. Think about it, a simple coat, with the right tonality can make the difference. Put those leather jackets (well if you have one) in a safe place and leave them there for a while, cause winter is at the doors and also because the've gone out of style (for now). The best colors for a coat are cammel, blue&black are always a must, and gray. You might be thinking, it's so boring, well simplicity always reigns remeber that.