Monday, January 11, 2016


                           Wearing: jacket- Grazie, tanktop- Alexander wang, trousers- Grazie.

                                 Wearing: shirt: Forte Forte, Belt: Isabel Marant, bag- Bao Bao

Hello! It's been a while now that I haven't been posting, and I extremly apologize for that. I've been so busy in this period and life got in the way. However, now I'm back in the game! I'll tell you about my new adventures to marvellous places around the world, and the people I met during my journey. 
This first post of 2016 is, first of all, a celebration to a new beginning and I'll try to be persistant with my posts ( This is one of my resolution for 2016 ).  These pictures are a memory of my voyage to Seoul, South Korea. This place it now became for me a MUST city to go, especially if your are interested in the fashion world.  The aspect of this city which particularly astonished me was that  Malls were open till 4.00am! This is litreally insane, but if you think about it dear reader, it's quite a strategic plan; if you don't have any time during the day to go shopping, you don't have to worry about it cause the malls will be open till early in the moring. Lastly, I fell in love with this city/country. Even though is pretty chaotic, the landscape is utterly spectacular. I hope you enjoyed my picutres, and if you have anything to add form your peronal experiences, feel free to leave a comment below.

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